About us

Agra Invest was founded in 2008 by Renato Pegorin and his son Dr. Paolo Pegorin, who have been in agricultural business for over 40 years. Agra Invest, as the only company in Slovakia, produces first-class lucerne hay, shredded and dust free straw and dried or dehydrated hay.

Agra Invest in numbers:

  • we own 4,000 hectares of land which is ecologically cultivated on three farms
  • we raise 1,000 beef cows
  • we produce 30 breeding bulls of French breed Charolais per year
  • we raise 1,200 ewes and produce 100,000 litres of bio sheep milk
  • we produce 5,000 tons of dehydrates lucerne in bales (the only dryer in Slovakia)
  • we export 10,000 live cattle per year
  • we export 50,000 tons of cereals per year
  • we import cereal, legume and grass seeds

Our VITA products:

  • VITA Lucerne - dehydrated lucerne hay
  • VITA Straw - shredded and dust free straw
  • VITA Hay - dried or dehydrated hay

Since 2013, our lucerne hay has been very successful in Italy, Switzerland, Slovakia and Czech Republic and its demand exceeded the supply and the production capacity. For this reason we have expanded the production and built a new production line in Prenčov, Slovakia, fully operating since December 2014. In 2015 Agra Invest introduced a new line of products – VITA. With our VITA products we aim to be a first choice supplier for high-quality beef farmers, as well as for horse breeders.


Agra Invest a.s. certifikát GMP+ B3
RD SITNO PRENČOV a.s. certifikát GMP+ B2